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For the best rugby betting odds, you should consider Pinnacle Sports

There are many different aspects to choosing a sportsbook and each sportsbook company has their own strengths.  Pinnacle Sports’ greatest strength is that they consistently offer the best rugby betting odds.  This is because they operate as a reduced-juice sportsbook.  Online sportsbooks earn their revenue through “Juice”.  Juice is essentially the fee that is built into the odds pricing for the service of taking your bet.  Pinnacle Sports does not spend any money on advertising, nor do they offer free bet bonus.  In saving money on these two considerable costs, they pass the savings back to bettors with higher paying odds.  If you envision yourself betting on rugby and other sports in the long term, the higher paying odds will likely be worth more over time than any free bet bonus.  It simply comes down to whether or not you want to wait to realize this added value.  Remember that with sign-up bonuses, you’ll need to play enough to satisfy the sportsbook’s rules before the bonus is attributed to your account.  As such, higher paying odds might be worth more to you over time.  

Here’s an example of some odds for three recent Super Rugby Union League matches from Australia.  For five of the eight possible match results, Pinnacle had the highest paying odds.  Note the highest paying odds are in bold.

Chiefs                           1.408            1.35           1.35             1.333

Blues                             3.18              3.2             3.2               3.00


Rebels                           2.37             2.25           2.25               2.1

Hurricanes                    1.658            1.65           1.65             1.615


Highlanders                   1.2               1.19            1.19            1.182

Lions                             5.23              4.75            4.75               4


Brumbies                     1.532            1.53            1.53             1.533

Sharks                           2.69            2.5               2.5              2.375

So what is sportsbook ‘juice’?

The simplest way to explain juice to you is to use an example where both sides are evenly matched and thus have equal odds.  In such a case, you might see odds of 1.90 to win for either site.  Let’s assume that one million dollars has been bet on each team by all bettors and that the Home Team is the winner.  The stake of one million dollars from those that bet on Home Team Winner is returned to them plus their wager times 0.90 (hence 1.90 odds).  The sportsbook will pay the Home Team bettors this 0.90 X $1,000,000 or $900,000 in winnings from the money wagered by those that bet and lost on Visiting Team.  

This leaves $100,000 left from the above equation and this is the juice or about 5% of the total amount wagered on the match.  Juice is the revenue that the sportsbook collects on each bet.  It is important to note that this number is not profit for the sportsbook as there are many costs to running a sportsbook.  This example shows you how sportsbooks operate by trying to get equal amounts of money bet on both side of the match result.  Sportsbooks want to make money from the juice, not by having one particular side lose as this would be a risky proposition.  Pinnacle sports operates in a way that minimizes their juice compared to other sportsbooks because they minimize their costs in marketing and bonuses.

Why doesn’t Pinnacle have the best odds for every single match result?

With Pinnacle, although they will always structure odds to take a smaller fee or juice for themselves, they will have to react to the wagering patterns that they are experiencing within their own base of customers.  If their own customers are betting in a particular direction, they will need to adjust odds to account for this.  While they may sometimes have the best odds for both sides of a match result as shown with the first match above, the betting market will often dictate a change that shifts one side lower than some of the other sportsbooks. However, Pinnacle will almost always have at least one side of the match result as the highest available odds and this is shown to be true in all four of the rugby matches above.

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