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Best Australian Dollar Rugby Betting

Since Australia is such an important betting market, and because so many reputable companies believe in the market enough to abide by the Australian government’s restrictions, the Australian Dollar is readily available for direct use within your betting account.  This really is an important issue for you in terms of saving your money for your own enjoyment.  There are other sportsbook companies available that offer a great rugby wagering experience, but that do not accept the AUD directly as they are not licensed for play in Australia.  In these cases, your AUD deposit would be exchanged for a balance in likely the Euro, Pound or US Dollar.  Similarly, every time you make a withdrawal, you’ll need to exchange back. This is another reason to only play with fully legal providers.

On the surface you might not think this is important.  However, what you’ll never see is that you’ll actually be losing 2% to 5% of the actual value of your deposit down to the exchange fee taken by whichever financial institution is making the exchange.  All you will be able to view is the exchange rate that you were given.  You won’t be able to see what they actually paid for your new currency and how much they marked it up for their own profits.  At best, you could research and record the day’s best rate, then remember to check your statements later on to see just what kind of rate you were given.

No matter if you are a recreational bettor or an extremely serious bettor that is staking large amounts of money on each bet, it only makes sense for you to place bets, deposit and withdraw in the same currency to avoid these guaranteed losses.  With so many great Australian Dollar betting sites available, there really is no reason to choose sportsbooks that don’t accept the AUD directly.    

Best Australian Dollar Rugby Betting Sites

Did you know that in Australia…

…POLi Payments is an online debit solution that allows you to deposit funds securely online.  Paypal is also a very popular e-wallet solution.

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