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Best Rugby Betting by Country

When it comes to deciding on the best rugby betting services by country, I first identify the top services with regard to their approach to rugby wagering.  I then whittle that list down for each country based on the issues surrounding betting in each particular country.  Depending on the country in which you live, there might be certain issues with regard to betting with an online gambling.  Most jurisdictions are completely open, but some important markets are not open.

There are markets that love rugby but have governments that have developed legislation to either control or eliminate the ability for companies to accept your online wagers.  In some cases, the state has developed licensing programs whereby online sportsbook companies apply to become official vendors to that country’s residents.  Successful applicants are granted the ability to accept customers but they must usually pay for license.  Companies without the license are generally excluded from accepting customers of these countries, otherwise they might face legal actions.  Countries that have developed legislation like this include both France and Australia where there is a limited number of accepted sportsbook options.

Some countries have taken more strict measures to eliminate online betting for their residents such as the USA.  The legislation developed in the US has ensured that most of the top sportsbooks with great rugby services have conceded to no longer accepting US players or deposits.  As a result, the pool of choices for US ruby betting fans is extremely limited.  There are good options remaining however.

Below you will find links to all my dedicated pages about the best rugby betting options for each particular country based mainly on the needs and requirements for people from that country and the issues you may wish to consider.   


As mentioned above, Australia is one of the countries that has attempted to control online sports betting through licensing.  Many of the top sportsbooks in the World are thus excluded from that market.  I let you know which companies are will accept your registration and offer an excellent approach to rugby betting.


Canada is fortunate in that there are essentially no limitations placed on online sportsbook play.  As such, if you are Canadian, you will have your choice of several top sportsbooks with the widest array of rugby betting options.


England has the oldest and most mature betting culture in the world.  As such, England residents have the widest choice when it comes to service providers that offer an excellent approach to rugby betting.


Ireland is also essentially a completely open market in terms of online wagering.  As such, rugby fans in Ireland have their pick of the top rugby wagering services.


Italy is now a highly-regulated market with regard to online bookmakers. This means that rugby supporters in Italy have a more narrow choice when selecting a provider compared to many other nations.

New Zealand

New Zealand is such an interesting market.  It is very small by population but is a fully developed service economy. Due to its size, only a few of the top rugby-focused betting services have made the decision to cater to New Zealand players in terms of all the considerations it might deserve.  Happily though, New Zealanders are not restricted from any of my list sportsbooks.

Samoa - Tonga - Fiji

These three island nations are mad about rugby.  Given their size, there are few governmental restrictions.  

South Africa

South Africans face few if any restrictions from services over where they may choose to register.  South Africa as a market is highly valued by several sportsbooks.  As such, there are a lot of great choices available for the South African rugby bettor.


Scottish rugby has fallen on hard times, but the rugby wagering choices are plenty.  With an unrestricted market, Scots have their pick from the services that offer the most satisfying rugby betting experience.  

United States

The US has become a highly restricted betting market.  Although no bettor has been prosecuted, many service providers have been pursued to settle with the US government and other providers simply stopped accepting US-based players altogether to avoid any similar conflict.


Despite being such a small country, Wales has punched well above its weight on the international rugby scene.  If you’re in Wales and want to bet on rugby, the good news is that there are no restrictions for you and you’ll have your choice of the best rugby wagering providers.

World Rugby Betting Authority

Unbiased Lists & Research

Sportsbook review sites tend to to list every company that they have researched.  In essence, the review sites are simply hoping to trade on a brand name, that you’ll recognize a name or logo and click through to start playing. I’m not interested in that approach.

If a company fails to meet my standards, they do not warrant inclusion in my lists.  I examine each service with regard to their reputation, record of fairness (cancelled bets), timely & free withdrawals, the number of available  banking methods, use of secure technology, use of advanced technology for mobile and live betting in-play.  

Above all of this, I want to make sure the sportsbook pays proper attention to rugby as other sports get far more.  Rugby fans want to be able to log on and view the odds for next big match so they can place their bet.  Each listed site ensures this is possible for their players.  As a result of the above criteria, you might notice some famous brands are missing as they fail to pay rugby the proper attention.

About the order of each list

I do not rank sportsbooks in order of any preference.  They are listed in alphabetical order with numbers ordered after letters.  I would be extremely comfortable registering and betting on rugby with any of these companies, however there are differences in their offerings.

Read the brief summaries, browse by country, by currency and read the reviews to see what is right for you.  I also provide some helpful articles under the ‘more resources’ header in the navigation bar to provide some direction if you’re not sure how to begin.  

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Finding the best rugby betting for other countries

Rugby Union is most popular as a spectator sport or for participation in the countries listed above.  However, as a Rugby Union or Rugby League fan, you may live outside these nations and are interested in finding the best rugby betting sites for the country in which you live.  Below, find links to lists of the top betting sites for several important countries where Rugby is not among the most popular sports.  Each of the listed online bookmakers that you will find cover rugby events very well.  If you click or tap to access a given list, it will open in a new window.