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Rugby Betting with Paypal

Paypal boasts over 110 million active accounts, making them likely the most used single online financial platform.  Thus when it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds from a sportsbook, it is no wonder that many people wonder if they can use their existing Paypal account rather than having to register with another e-wallet solution provider.

The good news is that yes, Paypal does accommodate transactions with online sportsbooks so you can get started betting on rugby.  However, the drawback is that the use of PayPal for sportsbook banking is not worldwide and is limited to a handful of European countries and some in Oceania.  The list of bookmakers that accept PayPal is always changing, and the situation is different when you are in certain countries.  For example, a given bookie might accept PayPal from its players in Ireland, but not Canada.  If you wish to find the best PayPal betting sites by country, you may find out the situation in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.   

Paypal sportsbook transaction limits

With regard to the currency limits in transacting with Paypal, it depends on the currency you are using, and to some extent the sportsbook you choose.

When using British pounds, the minimum deposit is 10GBP and the maximum is 5,500GBP.

When using Euros, the miniumim deposit is 10EUR and the maximum will vary between 7,000 and 8,000, depending on the sportsbook.  

World Rugby Betting Authority

Unbiased Lists & Research

Sportsbook review sites tend to to list every company that they have researched.  In essence, the review sites are simply hoping to trade on a brand name, that you’ll recognize a name or logo and click through to start playing. I’m not interested in that approach.

If a company fails to meet my standards, they do not warrant inclusion in my lists.  I examine each service with regard to their reputation, record of fairness (cancelled bets), timely & free withdrawals, the number of available  banking methods, use of secure technology, use of advanced technology for mobile and live betting in-play.  

Above all of this, I want to make sure the sportsbook pays proper attention to rugby as other sports get far more.  Rugby fans want to be able to log on and view the odds for next big match so they can place their bet.  Each listed site ensures this is possible for their players.  As a result of the above criteria, you might notice some famous brands are missing as they fail to pay rugby the proper attention.

About the order of each list

I do not rank sportsbooks in order of any preference.  They are listed in alphabetical order with numbers ordered after letters.  I would be extremely comfortable registering and betting on rugby with any of these companies, however there are differences in their offerings.

Read the brief summaries, browse by country, by currency and read the reviews to see what is right for you.  I also provide some helpful articles under the ‘more resources’ header in the navigation bar to provide some direction if you’re not sure how to begin.